Sunday, December 18, 2011

Where does insulin go?

The more I read, the more questions I have.

IF insulin resistant people are that way because we are metabolically challenged....our body's output of insulin is higher than what it should be, to get the job done,,,,than we have excess insulin floating around in our blood stream....What happens to it. How does it dissipate??

How long does it hang out in my blood stream?

What uses it up?

Where does it go?
Does it just hang around wreaking havoc to my kidneys or causing inflammation in my joints?

I know now that excess insulin in my blood stream prevents me from burning fat for fuel. I get hungry when I have too much insulin floating in my blood stream. Hungry is an understatement. My muscles scream for food like a Tyrannosaurus Rex.  When my carbs are low enough...I do not get all. my body switches over to fat a Hybrid.... electric car that runs out of an electrical  charge and switches back to burning gas. The muscles get continuous fuel. Even better, my brain gets continuous fuel.

I can lower my blood sugar just by walking after dinner.  How do I lower my insulin level once I screw up and eat too many carbs? The only answer I get is ...Just don't eat too many carbs....

How many is too many? So far barely any seems to be the right answer to me . 20 maybe. a day.

More than 20 a  day wakes the monster.

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