Tuesday, June 11, 2013

what is the best dietary book to give a patient that will explain Paleo/low carb?

 My doctor just called me and asked me that question. At 730 am this morning on his way to work.

My journey has come from numerous blogs, books, emails, podcasts....etc.  I was put on the spot,  I'd have to think about it.  So I am thinking about it.

First off I said... "Genocide, How your doctors dietary ignorance will kill you." Dr James Carlson

My doctor has my book, but has never read it...( hmmm...does not help if you do not open it)

Then I guess,  "Protein Power Life Plan." Dr's Michael and Mary Eades...their Purist diet in the book is closer to Paleo than the other two programs they suggest.

After that, I would promote   " Marks Daily Apple"  blog

Jimmy Moore and his podcast  " Livin la Vida Low carb "

I also read Paleo Diet by Loren Cordain

Paleo Answer by Loren Cordain

Books by Robb Wolf ( Paleo Solution),  Volek and Phinney ( Art and Science of Low carb living),  Atkins, Dr William Davis(Wheat Belly),   Dianne Sanfilippo (Practical Paleo)  Mark Sisson ( the Primal Blueprint).

By the way. many of these books speak about the evolution of man. I  think that the whole Paleo thing should not be about mans evolution but about the evolution of FOOD. Thank you, thank you very much.

As a side note...a patient was in our office yesterday. Her boyfriend works at a place that takes grain and makes it into wheat germ, wheat germ oil and flour. The processing plant also extracts vitamins from grains and add vitamins to grains. (sprays them) They sell their products to cookie and bread and cereal factories. When a train car of grain comes in that is full of bugs, the close it up, bug bomb it, air it out and then process the grain with all the bugs and the bug bomb residue. Business as usual. This girl has stopped eating processed food. DUH!!!

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  1. Hello....stumbled across your blog after looking up Hyperlipid. I was interested in your comments about low carb improving allergies. I'm actually skinny so weight is not an issue for me but I do have some mysterious inflammatory conditions and a permanent stuffed nose. Sounds like this did the trick for you. I've tried low carb before but got very hungry and also my body temperature felt like it was rocketing and my head about to explode!...very difficult to get through the adaptive phase.