Tuesday, November 8, 2011


My friend Jimmy told me to watch a movie on Hulu...so...I did... We had been discussing how a Paleo diet works, when we discovered that we were both eating a Paleo diet.
 When I tuned into HULU to watch the documentary FATHEAD, I was greeted with  this....
"Hulu is  proud to support the efforts of PETA." ............It was funny already!

Fathead is a  documentary film that Tom Naughton made as a rebuttal to the documentary "Super Size Me" which Tom thought was ridiculous.  Most of Toms film seems ridiculous, but seriously, Tom makes a point and proves himself and his ideas right. He eats a diet of fast food for a month and loses 12 pounds. He eats responsibly. He limits his carbs to 100 per day and he walks 5 miles 6 times a week. Tom's doctor visits, both before and after , and Toms blood work is included in the dialog.
The next part of his film explores diets. Tom explains and acts out some of  the diets he tried and how he felt on each diet. Tom also interviews Michael and Mary Eades, who wrote  "Protein Power Life Plan" .   Toms  blood work improved with a low carb natural Paleo diet.
There also is a  cartoon of  Toms blood stream where he showed what happens when insulin will not allow fat to be burned. The muscles are wanting to be fed. When they are not, they become lethargic and tired.

Yep, that used to be me.

Tom also has a blog. My friend Jimmy found that blog and told me about it.
 Jimmy subscribes to Toms blog. Fathead made sense to him.  Jimmy has decided that Paleo is a good way to lose weight and become healthy. He has four children to whom he is setting an example for.  Jimmy told me that he cannot weigh himself because he weighs more than a scale will show. A couple weeks ago, Jimmy informed me that he had lost 4 pant sizes in a couple of weeks. .  Jimmy is eating and cooking healthier for his whole family. I am very proud of his efforts. Toms blog has been  informative and entertaining.

Like I said in my last blog, there is so much out there on websites about Paleo/Low carb

My mother has always said.."If you do not know how to do something, there is no excuse. There are books in the library for every thing."  Now we have the internet and kindle and we do not even have to leave the house to find information. Mom is 75 years old and has both. She has also been eating a low carb/ mostly Paleo diet for 12 years. Both of my parents have great blood work. I can't argue with that.

The proof is in the pudding.

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