Friday, July 26, 2013

My first Paddle board race. St Joe Michigan . 2013 Sweetwater Paddle board race

I was in a standup paddle board race in St Joe Michigan the end of June. I finished and I was not last...The water was 53*. I found that out by being cut off and knocked in by a 20 something racer. I was the oldest racer that day. The race  did a 5 K and a 10 K  . I am glad I participated. I am not sure if I will do it again. I really like to paddle> I like looking for wild life and just clearing my head. Concentrating on not running into anyone and trying to finish faster than I usually travel is not my cup of tea. The lady in the black shirt and the black shorts finished after me. The woman at the back here with the baseball hat on and the green capri's is my hero. She is an EMT. I met her after the race. She was injured on her job and got a knee replacement 3 weeks before the race. She passed me  during the race. She said she worked the whole race to do it. As she passed me I yelled out " You are looking pretty good passing me up there!!"  It was fun... I was tired afterwords. I think hitting the icy water and then swimming to my board may have had something to do with that, I am in the bright blue tank top in the center of the pic. My bright yellow/orange life jacket on my back and I and holding my paddle straight up and down waiting for the starting horn.

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