Friday, July 26, 2013

Whole 30

Last week I began to receive daily emails from whole 30. I decided ...what the heck...maybe I will discover the reasons for my headaches. I have already cut out grains, beans, sugars and all processed foods. Now I was asked to cut out dairy...what's left?  Well 4 days into it, I stopped having headaches. dang...why dairy?  Probably because I love it on too many non paleo foods. So now I am dairy free and so far headache free.
I attended a cookout at Dana Carpenters home in Bloomington Indiana. I was able to meet Jimmy Moore and his lovely wife Christine. I met Dr James Carlson and his wife. I met Dana and Eric. What a wonderful group of people. Any Dungan and Rebecca Skvorc Latham. The both have low carb blogs. Everyone at the cookout is working on N=1 experiments. Everyone has differing degrees of metabolic syndrome and is trying to find the sweet spot of health. It was pretty enlightening speaking with Dr Carlson.. He is very personable and lights up when asked about health issues.  He informed me that according to my blood sugar readings I am a type II diabetic.

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