Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Not paddle boarding at this time. Too Cold....but if the wind dies down, and I have a day off,,,,......

I am getting back to keeping the monster asleep. It's vital now.

I took a major detour for a few months.  We took a wonderful vacation in Hawaii last winter. I sustained a head injury while hiking in the rain forest of Kuai.   I began to have chronic headaches after we came home.  I almost got T-Boned a few times while driving. I just did not see the car coming on my left side.
 It was not easy to focus. I was forgetting things.  So my doctor sent me for an MRI. I've had 4 so far. A thumb print sized tumor showed up near the back of the left frontal lobe.
There are many days, I feel blessed just to wake up.  And I do feel blessed.  Things could be worse. So far the tumor appears to not be growing.  It just aggravates me.  Causes pain.   More lately.   I usually wake up about 3 am with a headache.  The doctor  and radiologist have ruled out everything except Brain injury and cancer. Ive been to Chicago to Northwestern for MRI's.  I've also had MRI here in LaPorte. None of them have given me any idea of care. None. I would not take meds anyway. Its not like I am deficient in a pain med.....

I paddle boarded anyway all summer. I forced myself to go out every day I could with a headache. I did not weed my gardens. Luckily there is so much mulch and perennials do not need much care. I could not tell. I have not quilted.

So the keto diet has become very important to me.  My  new neurologist said the Keto diet is hogwash.  I've been studying up on it for a few weeks. There are conflicting views on how to stay healthy on a leto diet. More fat or more protein. I started out on the more fat and gained more fat....
Not exactly the results I was looking for. I gave it a good try. I struggled with allergies many high fat foods. Avocado makes me sneeze. Cream gave me eczema.  Coconut oil seems to be ok.

Optimal Keto  was a Facebook site referred to me by a friend. I've spent this week searching the results of others in the group. I am ready to start....anew.

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