Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Anyone else notice low Hemoglobin after eating LCHF for a few months??...

My hair brush is also always full of hair which is beginning to worry me.

Headaches are worse... way worse...of course I do have a brain tumor/injury.

A friend recommended a new web site with information about Optimal Protein. I have been studying it..

I saw a post today on a different  diabetic site from a man who has low Hemoglobin and was wondering if  it was common on a LCHF diet...Warning bells went off.

I never thought LCHF could be the cause of this.

I have gone to give blood twice and been found to have too low of hemoglobin. That never has happened to me ever. I am very tired after work and come home exhausted.  That never used to happen either.

Ive gained two inches around my waist in spite of working out and giving this my best efforts .


 I do believe that the N=1 experiment here needs to change up a bit and my macros need to change. Fat needs to go down and protein up... After all it is my very own N=1 experiment.    6 months was a good try.

The experiment continues...

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