Saturday, September 8, 2012

Keeping the monster asleep...5 months of N-1 experiments

April 4th to September 4th

I spent this summer out on the lake almost daily on my paddle board and researching Paleo/low carb. What I found  particularly helpful is Jimmy Moore and his N-1 experiment on himself. I thought..why not do the same thing?

I read the The Art and Science of the Low Carb Lifestyle, Good calories, Bad Calories...among about 20 other books , countless blogs, Marks daily apple, . I listened to countless helpful podcasts.There had to be something that would work. Other people achieve good health... I refuse to give up on myself or get discouraged. I no longer take allergy meds.My pain and inflammation was nil.  My blood pressure was better but my belly fat was tenaciously sticking to me. 

One thing  this summer that  struck a chord in me was..."it takes about 3 weeks to become Keto adapted. After that my body begins to burn it's own fat for fuel.( Ketogenic) . When I  switch over to eating anything that causes a blood sugar rise body  must become Keto adapted all over again."   Some where in all the blogs, books and podcasts, this theme has begun to make sense.

  My weekly  free days  were messing me up. Stopping fat from burning...Keeping insulin too high in my blood stream ....So the free days became  free meals, then they turned into one free food/ week... and finally in August....they turned into NO FREE ANYTHING. Keto adaption for me has to be under 30 carbs. Somedays I go under 20 and some days  I have none.  The carbs I eat are basically raw, fresh, dark and green.   I put a quarter stick of Kerrygold unsalted butter in my coffee (bulletproof coffee) and  I eat avocado and coconut oil daily.

September 4 2012
 April 4, 2012
The results are finally beginning to show... most of the fat  loss has occurred after August 1st, when I really buckled down  to try and get keto adapted. I also cut my protein portions in half and upped my daily fat. I just never realized that I needed to go so low with the carbs, and never "cheat"  Cheating for me can just be eating a small dove chocolate. That is all it takes to Wake the Monster. Everyone is different. N=1 is finding what works for you.

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