Friday, September 14, 2012

We looked at the house

We looked at the house with 6 acres. It is passable. Meaning, I can breathe in it. There is no mold. It is a tad bit small...but trading a house in town for 6 acres in the country not far from town my make it all worth while. It'll take $5000.000 to fence around 4 acres. Sheesh...I had no idea it cost so much for fence.

Next week we are looking at a house on 12 acres. The neighbor wants 6 of it which will bring down the price so that it may be perfect...almost an even trade.... I feel like I am looking at the land and that the house is incidental...Can we plant a garden here? Is there a barn? This one has a huge barn at the back. The neighbors would not even "see" a cow if we raised one. We could raise two or three on 12 acres. I believe we need 5  acres to have a cow. I don't think it matters when you have chickens or rabbits. I have raised both chickens and rabbits before. I have owned a horse for 6 years. How different can a cow be? Enough space to store hay and keep him or her warm at night. I have a friend who raises black Angus. maybe he will sell me a calf and then I can pick his brain to raise him. Stay tuned...

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