Tuesday, September 25, 2012

SUP on Stone Lake today

After a morning of mowing, trimming more hedges and edging the driveway and parking area. I dumped 10 contractor wheel barrow's of trimmings.
It took  me an hour to paddle 2 miles. One way was against the wind.  The going was hard. The wind was chilly but I was sweating. Some fishermen were in hooded sweatshirts with jackets over them. They called out to me and wanted to know how I could be out in a tee shirt in the cold wind. I told them I had worked up a sweat. I was too hot to leave my life jacket on and had it at my feet.

Right now I am aching...My head is stuffed up. I believe I have a virus.  Ugg...How do you deal with a cold Paleo style?

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