Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ketosis!!! Bullet Proof coffee works!

 I woke up today at 6 am.  The test strip showed I was in Ketosis...YAY!  That does not happen too often. It made me happy to see. I often  wonder if I am. It is happening so slow that I do not see a scale weight change for days.

  I drank some bullet proof coffee this morning and then set myself up outside to scrape and paint windows.I don't need to place pretend spider webs on my house for Halloween, My house is covered with them already.  I cleaned a zillion spider webs, spiders and eggs off of the windows before I could scrape them. I was covered with spider webs. All day I swatted my head and neck. I was sure they were crawling all over me.  I worked at it all day. At 3:30 pm my husband pulled into the driveway. I realized that I did not eat all day long. I did drink a little water. Bullet proof coffee is the bomb.  I scraped and painted and washed the windows. Next I painted the garage door and trim. I painted the back door to the garage and the trim around it. Now both doors are dark  Brick red. The same color as the shutters. I love the way they turned out..

Amazing day. I got a lot accomplished.

When I was painting the outside of the windows I noticed that the wood on the inside windows in the triple track has peeling varnish. So I need to urethane them all. That means taking the triple track windows all out to get to them... Gonna be a long day tomorrow. I need to take them all out from the inside and leave the windows slightly open, then go outside to urethane the wood.  While they are all out, I can wash the rest of the windows and clean the dead bugs out of the window sills. ( I really do not want to do it) Triple tracks are not air tight . I even find small tree frogs, (dead and dried up) between the windows sometimes. creepy.creepy creepy. When it is done, I will be glad I did it.

I ate grilled sirloin and broccoli for dinner and later had half a can of macadamia nuts.

Went to a women's bible study on the book of Romans ..Good study...

That's about it. I did not work out today...I th ink my painting WAS a workout.

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