Monday, September 10, 2012

Comfort food

      We  had our first below 60* night. The next morning I was in the mood for homemade chicken soup. I really miss the lovely chewy  bran muffins I used to make to go along with them.
       My friend Margot is experimenting with some Paleo recipes.  Many of the Paleo foods  she makes I usually do not make, because some of them are a little higher in carbs than I can go.
      This bread recipe from Elanas Pantry is worthy of  a splurge... Certainly Greg can have it. His carb count does not have to be as low as mine.

     Kudos to you Elana! :)  Thanks for the hard work of experimentation. Here is the link to her recipe.

Excellent!  I even made a little ham and cheese sandwich with it. The bread is moist and holds together. It is very filling .  A couple of small slim slices are about all I can handle.

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