Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Change of lifestyle could mean a move..I really do not like moving..

Being that is is challenging to find grass fed beef, organic produce and the like....We've been thinking of moving.  We do not like moving. We have our eye on 6 acres. A brick ranch with a walk out basement  that has a basement canning kitchen, a huge 32 x 48 barn and a 14 x 30 shed, just may fill the bill. Small enough to take care of but large enough to fence in and raise our own cow, chickens, and produce. There are fruit trees on the property and only a mile more for hubby to drive to work.

There is always so much work to make something "ours"  We rip out carpet and install hard wood for my allergies. We do lots of hard scape and landscape. There is barely any land scape at this house.
The prospect of an organic garden and a place to raise animals is cool. A mini farm would be awesome. I have been thinking of taking an acre and growing blueberries....

Now to find out what our house is worth and see if the move is possible or worth it.

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